Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October 2006 Archive

October 31, 2006
Getting Ziggy with it
I've still felt kind of blah today. I didn't eat until 3pm when I finally cracked. After yesterday, I'm afraid every time I eat I'm just going to get sick again. I know it'll pass, but it really, really sucked.

Today's seminar was fine. It was the same motivational seminar I attended about 8 years ago with some different speakers. Zig Zigler was the headliner, but I don't remember him being so preachy last time. I guess you hit 80 and you turn religious wack-job. Memorable comment: "The theory of evolution will be DEAD in another 5 years! There isn't a single shred of evidence that supports evolution in any way." Dream on grandpa, we've got quite a bit.

Then he went on to bitch about no prayer in schools. Sorry, but this isn't 1940 when the only large pockets of immigrants were pretty much already Xtian. We're a mix of people and religions now. Ramming Xtianity down the throats of Jews, Hindus, Muslims, etc. is bullshit. I have no problem with a moment of silence. Atheist kids can think about their math homework during it. I do, however, have a major problem with the bible being taught in public schools. Morality is parental responsibility, not the school's. Parents need to quit bitching and start actually parenting their precious spawn they'd rather plop in front of a TV than take time out of their own selfish schedule and hold a meaningful conversation with them. Not the school's problem.

My sister is a 3rd grade teacher. The fact that her 8-year-olds have stabbed each other with pencils while blinded with rage and have very seriously threatened to kill teachers is NOT the school's fault. Teachers aren't breeding drug babies for the public school system. Teachers aren't around in their students' homes when the parents are passed out from drugs or alcohol. Teachers aren't the ones who should reprimand children for shoplifting. Teachers aren't the ones who should teach children not to shoot people.

Where is the parental responsibility? Apparently, it's dead even in Xtianity. I know a lot of Xtian kids who were some of the worst examples of humanity. So religion doesn't seem to be doing the trick, either. Suck it, Zig.

October 30, 2006
I ended up going home sick around 1:30pm today. The bug I thought I was finally over revisited me with pixie-like fists shortly after lunch. Most unpleasant. I'm beginning to think I might have food poisoning of some sort. My sister had similar symptoms after getting food poisoning at her reception. Ick. I suppose I didn't get sick yesterday because there wasn't enough in my digestive tract left to be sick on. I guess if I'm still not over it in a couple more days I'll see the doctor. I'm hoping this is finally it. I'm really tired of soup and toast being the only that makes me not double over in misery.
I'll be at a day-long Marketing seminar tomorrow and back in the office Wednesday.

October 29, 2006
I spent most of yesterday afternoon feeling like total crap. I tried napping it off, but it just didn't help. I felt terrible about Amy taking vacation time to go out and have fun, and then I ended up too sick to even enjoy time with her. I tried to be a trooper and go, just sit, and enjoy the night, but one Sprite and 30 minutes into the evening, I realized it just wasn't going to work. Tanya rode back to my place to pick up her car and then went back down to Canal Street for the Monster Hop. I'm really disappointed I didn't get to see the burlesque show and enjoy a night of cavorting gaily. I was looking forward to it all week.
I got home a little after 10pm, and by 10:30pm History Channel's lame-ass documentary on dragons put me to sleep. I woke up around midnight feeling like an Alien was going to pop out of my stomach, and I secretly wished it would, so I could just end the misery. I laid on the couch and watched Skeletons on the Sahara until 2am, the story of Captain James Riley who was shipwrecked with his crew and enslaved by the Moors in 1815. It was thankfully interesting enough to keep me preoccupied from the nausea and gagging feeling I kept having. I really thought I was going to start hurling at one point, but my near-inability to vomit came in handy. I forced myself to eat a little something and then went to bed.
When I woke up this morning and logged on my PC, I was confused by the time change. I thought this year was the first year of DST being pushed back 2 weeks. But hurrah, I get an extra hour today. I've been laying on the couch still feeling pretty lousy most of the day, but I think part of that is having a totally empty digestive tract. Ugh.

October 28, 2006
Had a fun time out last night--first time I'd been out dancing in about 3 months. The original popped-out rib has gone in and stayed in, but now I've got one out of place in my back. /sigh Fortunately, it doesn't hinder me nearly as much as the other did. Maybe someday I'll be back to normal.
It was nice to catch up with a few people on the scene. Towards the end of the evening, some frat boys took over the other side of our table. We'd been listening to their inane and overly testosterone-riddled conversations with much eye-rolling and snickering. But when they struck up a conversation with us, I was surprised by how personable and funny they could be. Amanda would only call the one guy "Sweater Man" for obvious reasons. And one I assumed to be the tweedle-dee of the group was downright hilarious, at one point interjecting "No one puts Baby in the corner!" We told him that line would get him in like Flint on the right woman. I could see him mentally filing that gem away for later use.
And when they "How old are you" question came up, and I told them I was 30, it was a chorus of "NO WAY!" What exactly is a 30-year-old woman supposed to look like? I'm greeted with this often (I suppose I should be pleased), and it always kind of weirds me out. After proving my agedness, I told them they could just call me "hot grandma." lmao
The funny thing about Halloween in a goth club is that you're never quite sure what's a costume and what's just goth. I was amused by the Riff-raff / Magenta couple, and there was a Silent Hill nurse with a skirt that exposed about 1 inch of her independently moving ass cheeks (she won the costume contest obviously) that reminded me of Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. And one of the regulars was dressed like a prison bitch from Austin Powers' Hard Knock Life musical number. Very amusing. There was the usual assortment of zombies and undead, surprisingly zero vampires, and a guy who, I swear to god, looked like he had a dead chicken strapped to his back. It took me a while to realize it was supposed to be bloody wing nubs. I thought the dead chicken idea was funnier.
I was amazed at how utterly disinterested everyone seemed in the costume contest. I'm not sure if they waited too long to hold it and everyone was just too drunk to pay attention or what, but hardly anyone reacted to any of the people they paraded to be "judged." Even the girls wearing barely more than 2 croutons and a hankie didn't get much of a reaction. But it was a fun night.

October 24, 2006
La-la-la-la Lola
On another note, I watched Raising Helen last night. It started out like a train wreck and didn't get much better. Kev fled the living room within 3 minutes of it starting. During the first 30 seconds, he says, "This is an 80s movie, right?" It was painful, cliche, and only barely redeemable because of Chris Corbett (drool), but I know in real life he's a half-tard, so it kind of kills the fantasy. Although, I can watch Greek Wedding a hundred times and still be swept up by him.

I also worked on my Lola pants for a while last night. I got the sides done, sewed shut the front pockets (who were not my friends and stuck out at odd angles), and now I'm going to lengthen them just a bit. Her pants in the movie were high waters, but I just can't do it. And I don't want to make them into capri-length because I just don't have shoes to go with them that I can wear in 40 degree weather. As usual, I did one side damn near perfect, and then tried to experiment on the other side and hacked it a bit, but it's good enough for being in a club in the dark. No one will see my additional stitching.

I just gotta find some spray-in red-orange stuff this week. Whee. That will be fun washing out. ick.

October 22, 2006
Masquerage was last night. I decided against spending an exorbitant amount to get my face painted by MAC Cosmetics because being an ultra-gay goth boy does NOT make you an artist. I showed up for my appointment time, and the "artists" had gotten "backed up"...aka they let anyone sit down and didn't stick to the appointment schedule. I was told to have a seat, and they'd get to me when they could...along with 5 other people. Already a bit pissed, I intently watched the work they were doing on their current subjects. I could have done better with a dog turd and the end of a charred stick. Using MAC Cosmetics does NOT enhance artistic ability, just in case you were wondering. So I walked out. Hell with that.
I ran over to Walmart and spent less than 1/4 than I would have at MAC and had Amanda's husband help me out. He jokingly said, "I'm afraid of making you look like Kiss Army reject." To which I replied, "That's exactly what I want. Get started." We did a star over one of my eyes and an Egyptian look over the other. I was pleased with it, and it was a fuckton better than what I would have paid through the nose for.
Amanda and I had a great time at the party. We received parting gifts from the Red Ribbon Lounge that had (supposedly) over $200 worth of goodies in it. But being part of marketing, I know the true value of what was in there, and it was far less than that. Which is fine. Free swag is free swag. There were some really amazing masks. And I was surprised at how many people went along with the French Aristocracy theme of this year. If we get tickets next year, I'll probably try to get a costume together for it.
I decided at some point in the night that I truly, deeply hate my digital camera. I've decided to Ebay it and buy a new one during frenzied Day-After-Thanksgiving shopping when I can probably get a pretty nice price for one.
But I've posted a gallery of the salvageable pics, and I'm waiting for Amanda to email the pics of her and I in our masks. Check to the right for the Performance and Costume Galleries. Drop me a comment if any of the pictures aren't loading or if they're taking a long time.

October 20, 2006
Lola Rennt
I spent way too much on a skimpy, sequined tank top last night. But I don't get to go to things like Masquerage...well...ever. So I splurged. I also picked up some inexpensive jewelry for the night, all red accents. And I've decided to pay an exorbitant amount to have my face painted professionally. MAC Cosmetics is offering appointments specifically for face-painting for Masquerage, and I booked an appointment. They do amazing work. So instead of a feeble attempt at an Asian-inspired look, I'm going to have them do it. I have some fun money put away, so why not spend it on doing something I probably won't get to do again until next year. . Have I mentioned how much I love my job?
I've decided to scrap my plans to make a costume this year and, instead, go as Lola from Run Lola Run. I had everything but the pants, and Amy--in a moment of kismet--picked Lola's EXACT pants off the rack at the first thrift store we tried. I was freaking out. Now, I've gotten them home and tried them on, and they're just a bit too tight for my comfort in the waist band. So I think I'm going to try to expand them a bit with a stripe of fabric down the sides. I just can't handle having something tight on my stomach. It kills me.
And I picked up some gaudy costume jewelry rings like Lola wears. This should work out. Woot!

I found green checked pants!!
October 19, 2006
T'as une tĂȘte a faire sauter les plaques d'egouts!
Blah. I have some things to do, but I don't feel like doing them. I did get my boss's boss to sign my expense report, so I can at least get the money next week. My boss is out till the 30th on vacation. I'd rather not have to wait until November to get reimbursed for a trip to NOLA.

One nice bonus of traveling is that I get cash-back bonuses for using it, even though I pay off the charges within a week or so. Woot! I'm sooo close to having my VISA paid off, too. Should be able to finish it off after I pay my taxes this year.

Last night, I watched Pauline et Paulette. I originally saw a trailer for it ages ago when I saw a movie at Little Art Theater with Joe. I can't even remember what we saw. But I've kept my eye out for that one since I saw the trailer. They showed it on IFC last night. It was pretty good--not quite as light-hearted as I expected. But I remember the lady that played Pauline was nominated for an Oscar for it. And her performance was amazing.

October 18, 2006
Did you know bananas are endangered?

October 17, 2006
Enormous sordid life peach
A chill is in the air. It's rainy and gray, and leaves litter the street. Mmmm fall. I've been feeling a tremendous burst of creativity the last week. It's made me restless and antsy. I've had the urge to just pick up and travel somewhere fun and exciting. Too bad I have no vacation days to spare, and no money to go anywhere. I've been contemplating a trip to see a friend after the first of the year. I think it'd be fun.
I've been desperate to get out for a walk at Charleston Falls. It's so beautiful out there, especially in the fall. Maybe I'll try that next week. The last few weeks I've felt listless and disinterested in pretty much everything. I'm assuming it's the remnants of grief. But this last week, I've felt something big stirring inside of me. I'm just not sure what it is yet. And no, I'm not pregnant. :P
I plan to try to slowly ramp up at the gym starting this week. I'm trying to be very careful to not be over-zealous starting out. My ribs have been a lot better, but they're still giving me problems. I don't know if they'll ever completely heal. Most of the pain has stopped, but they occasionally pop out of the cartilage in the back. If I stretch, I can feel them moving around. I'm going to wait a few more weeks on yoga and then slowly work that in again, too. No twisting or cobra pose for probably another six months, though. Going through this has made me realize I'm not as physically tough as I thought I was. I'm not immune to injury. And I make a lousy patient.

October 15, 2006
Pork chop a-go-go
Got up Sunday for the tradeshow. We couldn't believe how dead it was. Normally, the first day of this show is overwhelming. We're inundated with recruiting candidates and barely keep up with the flow. This year, it was a ghost town.

The only thing we can reckon is that physicians don't like NOLA. It's a college-kid party town, not a getaway destination for established physicians. So while we had a decent number of medical residents stopping by, it was no where near what it should have been. Very disappointing. Our own docs didn't want to stick around; they all made excuses to take the first flight out the last day of the show. They hate the French Quarter--it's too dirty. It seems like a very poor location for this type of tradeshow. Next year, it's in Seattle. I hope I get to go. :)

We had lunch at Mulate's (pronounced moo-lots), and I had my first chicken Po'Boy. It was tasty. But I hate chewy bread. Pre-TMJ, it would be fine, but now, it just causes me pain for hours after consumption. Again, severe shortage of wait staff. Three waiters were trying to handle about 30 tables during peak lunch hour. We were patient. It wasn't their fault.

Aand dinner that night was at Cafe Giovanni. It was a little frou-frou, but I managed to find something that sounded yummy: Prosciutto Pinwheels, Pork chop with creamy risoto and grilled vegetables, and tirimsu. When the pinwheels came out and there were two wafer-thin thingies on my plate, I was kind of pissed. And then I tasted them. While they weren't worth $11 of MY money, they were definitely worth $11 of my employer's money. Mmmmm. The pork chop sucked, but the creamy risoto was divine. DIVINE I SAY. So it made up for it. And the tirimasu was presented so deliciously, I just don't words for it. There was a cream spread on one half the plate and a caramel liqueur spread on the other half with the tirimasu plopped in the middle. I threatened to pick up my plate and lick it, and my boss cracked up. Probably because by the crazed look in my eye, she knew I would probably do it.
All I wanted this weekend was chicken and sausage jambalaya. And not one restaurant was serving it. Bitches.

And again, no wait staff. There were 2 waiters and 1 floater trying to wait on 15 tables averaging 4-6 people per table and 1 table with 12. At any restaurant around here, a table of 12 would have its own dedicated server. We were patient. It wasn't their fault. The manager was bussing tables, filling drinks, seating people, and generally running around like they were, frantically trying to keep people appeased. I just couldn't get mad. We were in friggin' New Orleans, in the French Quarter, eating delicious fare. Why get all worked up?

It was rainy and shitty and windy, so no tours were running. And I STILL didn't get to go to a cemetary. Grrr. But it was definitely weird being in places featured in the coverage of the Katrina aftermath. The superdome looks serene and blissful and innocent. It was odd driving by it in a taxi on my way to the hotel Saturday morning. I could envision thousands of people stranded, hopeless, pissed, and dying with the already dead piled in hallways. I kept thinking "people died here. LOTS of people died here."

And walking through Jackson Circle tonight was weird. I remember the news footage of bodies stacked up and covered with a tarp held down by bricks right along here. A few years ago, this park was chock full of artists and tarot readers and street performers. And now, a handful of tarot readers on one side, and a few homeless people drooping on park benches. It was sad.

October 14, 2006
Bourbon and Beef
I got up at 3am CST and am going to bed at 11pm CST. I. Am. Tired.

Got in to NOLA about 12pm, waited in a 300-people-long line for a taxi, got to the hotel, walked to the convention center, and then grabbed some lunch. The concierge at the hotel failed to mention that the convention center is over 1.5 miles long, I forgot my cell in my hotel room, and I had no idea which hall we were in. So after walking for $#%@#$-ing eternity and trying about 10 different sets of locked doors, I finally find a set that's open. I find a security guard inside and ask where our show is setting up.

When I get to the hall and try to enter, some suited door guarder stops me. "Are you registered?" I tell her yes, our booth number, and that we're already setting up. She goes to put a bracelet on me, and some other suited troll bitch says, "Registration has started!! You can't give her one of those!" She tells me to just go to registration. At this point, I'm f-ing tired, pissed, and sick of getting a run around. I threw my hands in the air and said, "I would LOVE to register. Where the HELL is it? My plane touched down 1 hour ago, I just walked here from downtown, and I have no idea where our booth is even at. So if you could be a LITTLE more helpful, I would appreciate it." Stunned, she kind of pointed off in the distance, and I charged past her. Then the old biddies up there couldn't find my company name. I told them I was going in, and if they didn't like it, they could just call security. Lack of food and sleep is not a good combo for me. heh

So the old woman tosses me a temporary badge, and I headed in. I met with our tradeshow specialist. How we would manage to put our crap together without him for a show of this magnitude, I have no idea. We'll be conferencing with him in a few weeks. We're contemplating dropping the 3rd party agency we work through with him. He does private contracting, so he wouldn't be sued or anything. But we figured out this year just how little this 3rd party agency really does. Useless.

After all that, I walked back to the hotel, landed face first on my bed, and passed out for an hour and half. Got up, met my boss in the lobby, and we hit Bourbon Street. I've been here before, so it wasn't all that exciting. Amazingly, I didn't see a single illicit body part. I think it was just too early. But we walked around a bit, deciding on where to eat, and we settled on Embers, the original Bourbon House. What I love most about traveling for work is being able to eat well above my economic range. While I don't like frou-frou restaurants, I like GOOD restaurants. If it requires a jacket and tie, I'm not interested.

And something I noticed at Embers was rife throughout all of the French Quarter--a total lack of wait staff. Embers had exactly one waiter waiting on about 15 tables. Granted, the shim owner was trying to help bus tables and fill water glasses, but the poor kid just couldn't keep up. I couldn't dock him for bad service; he DID remember everything we wanted, and he was obviously doing the work of 4 people. So in a rare fit of mercy, I cut him some slack. My filet mignon was so rare it moo-ed and kicked every time I cut a piece off. Yum. V. good.

Then we decided to hit Pat O'Briens to check out what our reception venue was going to be like. Again, total lack of wait staff, but that's not such a big deal in a bar. You can go get your own drinks. I should have taken a haunted tour that night, but I thought I might get a chance on Sunday. Wrong.

October 12, 2006
Purple cunning I recall is a luscious petal
Had a weird nightmare last night. This guy was trying to attack me, and everything I did--poke him in the eye, gouge him, swing at him--he just laughed at me because it didn't work. My family is in the other room like they're embarrassed, but they do nothing. Finally, my brother-in-law's 70-year-old mother stands up and says, "I'll take care of this." Then she walks in the room, grabs him by the hair and drags him out, threatening to make him breast feed from her. lmao Then he turns into Mini-Me size and says to me, "The best gift I could give you this summer is to date rape you."

And then I woke up freaking out. I got up to use the bathroom and promptly walked eye-first into the door frame. Fantastic. Coming back from the bathroom, I stubbed my toe so hard I swore it was bleeding. I crawled back into bed whimpering and laughing until I fell back asleep.

I need institutionalized. I swear. I really hope this wears off soon.
And we had lunch at Bravo's new location today. Everyone in our party commented on how much bigger it was, but to me, it looked way smaller. /shrug Our waitress sucked. She got our orders right and was nice enough, but it took us 2 hours in a not-very-crowded setting. She would disappear for long stretches, leaving all four of her tables looking bewildered and pissed at why they were being neglected. I tipped her a dollar and wrote "Way. Too. Slow." on the bill. I gave her a buck because she was nice; that was about it.

October 11, 2006
Fluff gown was trip and will sun puppy
Went to an Marketing Association meeting today. I sat at a table with some gregarious stick-insect women who refused to eat the amazing food served at lunch. They pecked at it and then cried about being on Jenny Craig. Mind you, not one of these women looked overweight. But they were friendly. I'll give them that. It just kills me how women (and many men now a days) deny themselves the least bit of pleasure. It's become this thing where good food and dessert are EVIL. EVIL EVIL EVIL!! I refuse to be part of that trend and will, therefore, remain slightly overweight but disgustingly satisfied.

It's funny how AMA meetings always get me fired up about marketing. Maybe being contained in a small space with all those marketing vibes from all those marketing people gets under my skin. Whatever it is, I'm fired up when I get back to work. And the next day, I'm back to my usual lethargy and apathy. Today was good though, I made a contact for some future advertising that we're all pretty excited about.

And for some reason, the entrance of Woolworth in Piqua keeps flashing in my mind. I don't think it's existed for over 20 years. Bizarre.

I had a follow-up appt. with my doctor today. He said the MRI came out all clear, which I already knew. He said it might have just been a virus attacking my nervous system (eek), or it could have been a side effect from coming off the anti-inflammatory I was on for my ribs. It's hard telling. But I was happy with him. He seems like a good doc.

Saturday I fly to New Orleans for our biggest tradeshow of the year. I'm drinking a hurricane the size of my head Saturday night. I can't wait. Should be big fun, except for the part where I have to be at the airport at 5am Saturday and 6am on Monday. /cry

Last night, I sat down and finished Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants--a light read but thoroughly enjoyable. A shout out to Princess Angikins for letting me borrow them. You rock. And the night before, I caught the movie version on HBO...again. I have to say, I really like the movie version of Lena's story, but I like the book versions of the other ones. I was laying in bed contemplating which sisters my high school group of friends were. I'm fairly certain I was Tibby. heh I'll get started on the 2nd book when I get back from Nawlens.

October 10, 2006
Had a spell over the weekend that landed me in the ER Saturday and an MRI on Tuesday. They didn't find anything, soooo...whatever. It could be a myriad of things, really. I have a follow-up appt. with my doctor tomorrow to see if there's anything else they want to test me for.
And Saturday, it's off to New Orleans for a tradeshow. Should be fun. I'm already stressing about flying but not as bad as usual.
I haven't even begun an attempt to make my Halloween costume yet. Guess I should get on that. /sigh

October 5, 2006
Breaking News
Female or Shemale, can you tell?
I got 14 out of 16 right.
I finished Portrait of a Lady last night. I decided 6 years ago that I would start reading it on my 30th birthday. It takes a pretty amazing book to make me read outside of the 30-minute-before-bed window of reading that I do almost every night. And this book was not amazing. It was set aside for four issues of Glamour, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and possibly some CD liner notes.
But I'm glad I read it. It's a literary classic. Unfortunately, it's very typical 19th century literature. Boring. Nothing happens. And it just sort of...ends. I mean, I swear to god, NOTHING happens. She just leaves, and there is no resolution whatsoever. Lame. It started out kind of interesting. The middle was so boring and full of overly descript language that I often skipped a page or two and missed absolutely nothing. When I flipped that last page, expecting to see one more small chapter or an epilogue at the very least, and was greeted with "Try these other classic novels..." I was a bit pissed and briefly wondered if I would ever try to make myself read another pre-twentieth century piece. Although, I did enjoy one of the bazillion abridged versions of Count of Monte Cristo--very different novel from its modern telling.
I actually enjoyed Dickens' David Copperfield when I was forced to read it for a class, but I again skipped a page here and there and missed absolutely nothing. I think I also enjoyed the class discussion we had on it every session that explained a lot of things I might not have understood or misunderstood. Dickens' novels are thick with allusion to real world events, and seeing as how I wasn't alive in the nineteenth century, I don't always connect with his rather covert imagery. But that's probably the only 19th century lit I have ever truly enjoyed. I much prefer modern writers. That's just the way I roll.
I do highly recommend a novel published in 1909, though, called A Girl of the Limberlost. A light read but thoroughly enjoyable.

October 3, 2006
Golf Cart on the Halfpipe
If these nightmares don't stop soon, I'm going to freak out. Last night's was every time I got in a car, it would become possessed and starting flipping up in the air about 50 feet and then crash down nose first. Or it would roll sideways in the air until I opened the door. I don't know how or why that was remotely scary, but it was.
Today was another beautiful day for my employer's golf outing. We've been lucky the last 5 years or so, I guess. We drove around holes 1-9, delivering beer and trying to avoid being pelted with golf balls driven by people who've played golf exactly twice...drunk.

Dr. Mumbaro gives chase to the beer cart.
This year, someone didn't bring their golf bag full of Jello shots, so it was far less entertaining around 4pm than it was last year. But I have to say, it's better than sitting in an office. Hurrah for sunshine and booze.
October 2, 2006
I'll be playing beer wench at our company golf outing all day tomorrow and out of the office. Update on that tomorrow.
October 1, 2006
Weekend Update
It's been a nice weekend. Friday night, I attended a Diversity Dinner put on by my employer. I took Amanda along for a lovely evening of multi-cultural food and entertainment. My employer puts on some pretty cool, original events, and they go all out.
The food was magnificent. You think Chinese food is Chinese food, but you'd be dead wrong. The crab rangoon was utterly delicious, but in a unique way. I can't say I've ever had rangoon that tasted like that, but it was very, very good. And the skewered chicken. My god! It was so perfect and succulent. I've had that recipe before; I think someone in the former Mondolux made that as a specialty for parties. MUST find out how to make it. Was it sesame? Hmmm.
I skipped the Italian food and most of the southern U.S. food--kind of boring. But the Indian food was pretty good. I've tried a handful of Indian dishes, but I've never broken down and had plain ol' curry chicken. It was really, really good. I have to admit I was surprised. There was also a large, fried dumpling stuffed with potato bits that was rather scrumptious. I grabbed a few poppers off the Mexican station, and some cold bean dip, which was strangely good...but cold.
The entertainment began a bit after everyone had settled in eating. The evening kicked off with an East Indian traditional dancer, who was very good but not all that exciting solo. I have to agree with Amanda that that style of dance is more interesting watching a group perform. After that, a local Celtic dance school put on a show with their extremely talented troupe of kids. I love the hard-toe dancing. Percussion is in our souls. And the last group we hosted was an African tribal dance/drum group. The father (it's a family business) was highly amusing and had everyone laughing in between sets with his great sense of timing and delivery.
The only thing that caught me off guard was his constant reference back to "respecting your elders." And yet, every time his wife tried to talk, he'd talk right over top of her like she wasn't even there...and she was standing right next to him. So yeah, respect...whatever.
Saturday was a leisurely day of a little fabric shopping for my Halloween costume and a lot of WoW. And today was a little errand running, finishing up my editing, a bit a WoW, and catching up on the season premier of Dr. Who.
Christopher Eccleston was the first Doctor I've EVER watched. So it's hard for me to say whether I think David Tennant is a good "Doctor." Do I like him as the Doctor? Sure. It's weird, though. He's different. He definitely has his own style. But I was lucky enough to know before even watching the first new season that Eccleston wasn't coming back. Maybe that allowed me a level of detachment and prevented any real disappointment. I think the writing is strong enough to overpower any sense of disappointment I feel over the change. It's still good.