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November 2005 Archive

November 30, 2005

20 years too late

So I get this email at work today from an unnamed acquaintance:


From: Anonymous
Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2005 3:50 PM
To: Kara
Subject: OMFG

George Michael is GAY??



I reply with something like, "Yeah, he got caught blowing some dude in a public restroom 15 years ago and was arrested. You didn't know that?"

Personally, I think the video for "Wake me up before you go-go" should be clue enough.

Let's review:




Kind of gay.

Amish hat gay.

So in review, G.M. has been very, very gay for nigh on 20 years. Yes, he's still hot, and I can't blame a girl for blocking the gaydar...but still really, really gay.

You made my day, sweetie. hehe


November 29, 2005

Shades of blah

Last night proved better in DAoC. The guys took me out and PL'd me. They also helped me fix a phantom TeamSpeak problem I've had since...well...forever. (Thanks Beung.) I hit 14 last night, and hopefully it will continue till I'm an appropriate BG level. Leveling in that game sucks balls.

But now I'm torn. I don't feel like I shouldn't have two pay-to-play games at the same time. I like WoW, and if Kev would play, I'd stick with it. But he's barely played in months. And I really, really like playing with the DV gang. They could make shitting glass fun.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see how things are at the end of the month. We really can't afford for me to play two, so I'll have make a decision at some point.

I was supposed to have dinner with an old friend tonight, but she was a no-show. I should have made sure she had my cell number when I made the date last weekend. I don't think she stood me up on purpose, but I have a 20-minute rule and that's that. In the past, I've been stood up by too many people who called themselves my friend, and I refuse to sit around waiting when I could be doing something else. I'll have to get with her and see what happened. It's very likely rush hour traffic was to blame.

I'm so sad. My blanket that I've had for 10 years has had it. I've actually had it stored in a chest for the last 5 years or so, at least since I lived with Amanda. I'd forgotten about it for the most part. I'd occasionally wonder happened to it, blaming its state of non-existence on He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named. He took everything else at the end of our tumultuous "relationship," why wouldn't he have taken that, too? And one day it occurred to me. It's in the chest I left at my neighbors. So about a month ago, I dug it out, washed it, and put it to use. Unfortunately, its time in storage did it no favors.

It's slowly disintegrating and leaving red fuzzies all over me and the bed. I slept under that blanket with my first cat Bonkers (named after Erica Cain's cat on All My Children) when I still lived at home. She was MY cat. She slept with me every night of my life from age 6 to 23, when I moved out. She'd snuggle in underneath it next to me, resting her head on the pillow by mine and go to sleep.

Bonkers circa 1987

I don't WANT to throw it away. It's kind of my last connection to those sorts of things. Although, there are just as many bad memories connected to the damn thing. But in this case, the good ones win out. I wanted a $900 Himalayan, and I got a spitting, hissing, growling runt in a shoebox who lived almost 20 years. She substituted just fine.


November 27, 2005

Back to the grind

After 1.5 days of harrowing PC problems, I think it's finally fixed. Last night, I just wanted to put my foot in its ass.

I decided to try to give DAoC another try, and it took me more than a day to install and patch everything. After 3.5 hours, I'm level 7 -- an accomplishment that takes a mere 30 minutes or so in WoW. Despite the clunkiness, slow motion graphics, and painful grinding, I'm going to stick DAoC out for the one month I signed up. If I can get to level 25 in a month, I'll sign up for another month. But I just don't see it happening at this rate.

I really miss the folks in my guild, but DAoC just hurts. Unless they take me out and PL me big time, I'm probably going to give up. WoW is just too pretty, too comfortable, and too convenient to throw away easily.

Thanksgiving was fine as usual this year. I had my family's today and made off like a bandit with two big bowls of spƤtzle. Yum.

Tomorrow, it's back to work. I have a meeting with our subsidiary for some marketing materials I'm working on for them. My boss has ducked out of the meeting, and I'm still pretty clueless about health care/EMS marketing strategy/lingo. So it should prove interesting. I should also get my manuscript this week to edit, to be immediately followed by another one in January.

I'm not looking forward to minor toe surgery Thursday. I hate stitches. I've had them once before, and they were miserable. They make me understand why wild animals gnaw their own limbs off. But I've got to get it over with.

And now my dears, I believe it is off to bed with me to snuggle into my new flannel sheets.


November 24, 2005


I'm feeling rather satisfied and spent after getting up at 5:15am to go D.A.T. shopping. We hit the mall first and got some really fantastic deals. Strangely, it wasn't nearly as busy as it has been in past years. But most stores have been running massive pre-Thanksgiving sales, and I think a lot of people took advantage of that.

After that, we hit Target, hoping to get a Nintendogs version of the DS (Kev will only play the Corgi, so it can only be the Labs version) and some DS games, but they were out of damn near everything. Anything that had a sale sign, even if it was only $.22 cheaper than normal, was 11am.

I had to let mom run into Dick's Sporting Goods back at the mall after we met up. Amanda and I tried to find a parking place, but soon realized that people were parking in the back of the theater lot across the road. I decided it was better to wedge my car next to some dumpsters and just sit and wait like a stalker for mom to come back out than park, literally, a half mile away for 20 minutes.

Then it was off to Kohl's where I got Kev a sweet Xmas gift that I have since hidden. I want at least one surprise this year. :P Kohl's had the best deals by far this year. I got some new cookware, a knife set, and a slew of new belts. The best way to shop in a store like Kohl's is to have one person stand in the 200+ person line while the rest of the group tag-team shops, occasionally dropping off a bag of items or throwing things into the cart the lineholder has. This proved efficient last year as I had five huge, stuffed bags I dragged along the floor to the register as mom ran around the store.

I also FINALLY got a new dresser. My previous dresser is older than I am, but it's in amazingly good condition. I've always been really anal about taking care of my things. I was raised that when you lost/broke something, you didn't get a new one. Tough shit. Money doesn't grow on trees. So I've always been careful to treat my belongings with respect. I have T-shirts I bought on my high school senior N.Y. trip 11 years ago that are still in near-pristine condition. And yes, I wear them quite regularly. I like my stuff. Nothing makes me angrier than when people disrespect my stuff, or when people are downright wasteful with their own stuff.

And yesterday, I found out that Dayton is ranked the 17th most dangerous city in the U.S. ...not per capita, out of the entire U.S. It's #5 or so for murder per capita. Fantastic.


November 24, 2005

T-Day and counting

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

I got up ass-early to get a newspaper at the grocery for coupons for tomorrow's shopping frenzy. I walked out the door to my car, and it was windy and chilly, but not cold. I figured I'd better stop at the gas station to get gas so I don't have to mess with it Sunday when I go to my family's T-day thing. I get out at the gas station, and go to put the nozzle in the tank, and a gust of wind almost sweeps me away Wizard of Oz style. It choked the air right of me, as it was unexpectedly freezing. I swear the temperature dropped 20 degrees in 4 seconds.

Twenty seconds later, white ice pellets are flying horizontal to the ground in a white wall. Two minutes after that, the ground was white. I decided screw the grocery, I'll get a paper here and just go the hell home. It let up briefly, but has been going strong most of the morning. I love Ohio weather. Four days ago, it was 55°F, yesterday we got 2 inches of snow. I swear it wasn't like this when I was growing up.

I decided to do some semi-annual super cleaning of the apartment. I've got a little bit left to go that I'll take care of later, but most everything is spic-and-span. I'm going to busy most of the weekend, so I figured I'd better get some in this morning.

In the process of cleaning, I discovered the smell of lemon turns Sunny into a psycho. I mopped the floor with lemon-sol (Kev's head explodes when I use Pine-sol), and after it dried, I released the cats from their imprisonment. Sunny walked out onto the floor, fell over, and began ramming her nose into the tile, occasionally lifting her head to pant in confusion. She rolled around on it for at least 30 minutes, sniffing and panting. It had the effect of catnip on her, she got really hyper, and really, REALLY mean. I don't give her catnip because I like my eyes in their sockets and my skin un-opened.

A friend of mine sat outside Circuit City for over 12 hours to get an Xbox 360. He had stopped Tuesday night to see if they were selling them at midnight, but the store only had 8 and decided they would just sell them first-come-first-serve in the morning. He saw a couple of other people obviously waiting in their cars, so he decided to just wait, too. At some point in the wee hours of the morning, he realized more cars were pulling into the parking lot, so he had to get out and go up to the door to wait to guarantee his place. He was totally unprepared, wearing only a t-shirt and a jacket in unpredictable Ohio weather. He said he was shivering so hard he thought he was going to set off the alarm on the doors he was huddled against.

But that madman got a 360. He's bringing it over today, so we can play it when we get back from Kev's parents'. Woot!

I'm revved up for shopping tomorrow. I think Amanda is going to be here at 5:45am. Let the frenzy begin!

I came across this on Fark. I love China.



November 20, 2005

Things I learned at a yoga retreat...

1) I would cut off my left tit for a square of processed cheese under the right circumstances.

2) Blindfolds are to yoga practitioners what holes in sheets are to Orthodox Jews.

3) Flute music does not make a 6am wake-up call any more pleasant.

4) People who (in the name of meditation) bark like sea lions at 6:15am may very well be choked to death with a blindfold or beaten severely around the face and neck with a half-filled water bottle if I am not restrained.

5) Never leave home without your ear plugs.

6) Chickens run very, very fast and will invade your car, your room, and your personal belongings if they think there's something to peck in it.


So I got back this morning from a weekend of yoga, meditation, and relaxation. Was it good? Yes. The yoga, meditation, and relaxation was great. I feel great, it was fun, and I'm glad to be home.

We did the evening session of yoga with no issues. Afterwards, we headed to the dining hall for dinner, which consisted of fish, fish-flavored Tempa, steamed rice, and peas. I hate fish. So, I had a feast of plain steamed rice and peas. This is where the intense desire for a square of processed cheese would come in.

Friday night it was freezing. I think it dipped down to 15°F that night. But the heat in our rooms was set somewhere around 9,000°F. And the toilet seats were so cold, I thought I'd have to scream for help in the middle of the night because my ass was frozen to one.

At breakfast Saturday, I nearly got down on my knees and wept when I saw the French toast and ham on the buffet line. I figured I'd better try to store some in a hump in case lunch blew as bad as dinner, so I stuffed myself thoroughly but comfortably.

The meditations have all kind of blended together at this point; I can't remember when we did which one. But I will tell you that putting on a blindfold gives people license to do whatever the hell they want in certain yoga meditations. Put on a blindfold, start some drumming, and you've got people performing West African dance rituals.

The gibberish meditation and laughing meditation are always fun. Blindfold people, and they'll go nuts. And I understand why. If you can't SEE someone making fun of you, you just don't care. And if everyone else is blindfolded, they won't see you to be able to make fun of you to begin with.

I always enjoy the laughing meditation because while it always starts out with some fake laughter, you're usually in tears with real laughter at the end of the 20 minutes. Some yogis say that if you can do the laughing meditation for 45 minutes, you will reach enlightenment. Unfortunately for me, 5 minutes of real, hard laughter is enough to cause an asthma-induced coughing fit. No enlightenment for me, I'm afraid.

Lunch Saturday was even worse than Friday's dinner. On Friday, I could at least eat two of the menu items. Saturday's lunch consisted of two types of pasta salad (neither of which was edible), coleslaw (gag), plain boiled spinach, and some sort of cream soup that looked deceivingly good but really wasn't. Lorie eyed me like a hungry convict and whispered, "Let's go get some real food." So we split, went into town, and ordered delicious brick-oven pizza. At that point, I'd have blown Jesus and his 12 homeboys for a McDonalds.

Dinner was better, thankfully. But breakfast today was pretty weak. Lorie and I split right after after it. I wanted to take a shower in my own private, clean bathroom and go to the grocery before hordes of old women converged for a Thanksgiving grocery frenzy.

I wanted to see Harry Potter this weekend, but I think it's going to have to wait till Tuesday. And Sunny is, predictably, pissed at me for leaving this weekend. Her aloofness contains 70 percent more aloof-ity than usual towards me. She hates it when either of us travel. And to show her disdain, she now sits comfortably in Kevin's lap purring and staring at me.


November 18, 2005

Xmas wishes

Man's first invention.

This year, tell your man you want jowelry for Christmas.

This reminds me of the time Amy and I pissed off He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named and her ex by making faces at each other in the backseat of the car and laughing so hard we were crying. We wouldn't tell them what we were doing to make ourselves laugh, and they were so pissed they didn't speak to us for several hours. Typical behavior on their part.

Juvenile? Yes. Inane? Definitely. But we knew how to amuse each other, and that's all that mattered to two post-adolescent girls in love with men who were nothing but bad news. Miss ya, Spam.

I'm getting ready to head out to a 3-day yoga retreat. I'll be back on Sunday.

And here's an interesting article on the progress in Iraq.


November 17, 2005

Eats, Craps, and Anime leaves

We endeavored to see Corpse Bride tonight. It was my 4th or 5th attempt at going to see it. We went to Longhorn for dinner, and the moment we were ready to leave, we felt a little funny. We decided to stop at the mall and check out some DS titles for Xmas, and immediately decided it was time to go home. So no Corpse Bride again. Maybe I'll finally make it to a 2nd run theater.

After much groaning and stomach rubbing, we settled onto the couch to watch Nausicaa. I'm a big Miyazaki fan; I think he's brilliant, and I love that his movies are generally family-friendly. I like movies with side characters so cute they make me shatter glass.

Even if cuteness is not on your agenda when watching anime, Miyazaki's work is brilliant and entertaining. I thank Kevin's ex every day for being a total jackass and leaving behind all of her Totoro stuffed animals and glassware she got in Japan. Mine now. Hah!

Anyway, we cuddled on the couch and then sat around lazily the rest of the night. Good enough.


November 14, 2005

Just another day.

So last night was the Magical Night of Giving. There were some really great sales in the department stores, but a lot of the hoity-toity stores like Banana Republic and JCrew only offered a measly 10% off. Bah. I love their clothes, but I usually stick to their clearance racks. I did, however, get an awesome black velvet jacket and vest from NY & Co. that kicks ass.

Amanda and I had a good time. They had a dance company performing various numbers from The Nutcracker in one area. The girls were pretty talented; although, the two best were already too tall and too heavy to ever be accepted into a professional dance school, which is a load of crap in my opinion. One girl had a smile plastered across her face that gave away her sheer terror every moment she was in front of the crowd. And another one had no clue what was going on as she tried to watch the other dancers for her cue for every movement. It was entertaining.

Tonight I put up the Xmas decorations, turning our entertainment center into a festive one. I look forward to getting a house so we can put up our first Xmas tree because that won't be happening here. Yes, it's a little earlier than usual. But every year, I struggle to get everything up sometime during Thanksgiving weekend, and then 4 weeks later I have to tear it all down again. I want some time to enjoy it this year.


November 12, 2005

Ganapatei Satchanananda

I was sick all night from a garlic overdose at gaming. Raw garlic in butter does not make my stomach happy. But I made myself get up this morning to go to a pastry shop open house where I sampled seven different gourmet desserts before settling on a chocolate mousse cake for the holiday party with the Friday-night homos. Despite feeling grievously ill about 20 minutes after sampling the desserts, it was worth it.

I laid on the couch all day feeling rather miserable, so I decided to catch up on some TIVO. I watched Vanity Fair, a somewhat bizarre period piece in which Reese Witherspoon attempts to hide her enormous pregnant belly throughout the film because she wasn't supposed to be pregnant in most of it. What timing.

Anyway, the first half of the movie was a fairly normal love story, but somewhere around the halfway point it just gets bizarre. Gabriel Byrne somehow feels he should be allowed to have sex with her for teaching her to dance or something, and her hot husband (Rome's Marc Antony) dumps her beotch ass for being such a dumb ho. Then, in the end, she's a casino dealer who helps her idiot friend realize she' idiot. And then Ms. Witherspoon runs off to India with the fat, old guy she almost married in the beginning of the film. I was left scratching my head as the credits rolled.

Then I watched some strange Irish film about a bunch of Irish guys in a small town trying to lure hot, fit, American women to come marry them. I managed to stay awake, mostly because of the accent, but in the end, I was thoroughly confused by the one guy nailing his friend's mom in the end and THAT being considered a happy ending. Again, scratching my head.

Then I moved on to Matchstick Men. I had it figured out in 25 minutes and therefore felt no need to continue watching it, saving myself 1.5 hours of Ridley Scott's fast cuts and Nic Cage's inability to portray an obsessive compulsive with any degree of believability.

And before heading out to Yoga Kirtan, I watched most of the 1994 classic "Mosquitoes." It starred a dumpy female lead, cry-baby supporting actors, and one retired, overweight pro-wrestler-looking guy with a 9-foot chainsaw. Enough said.

Kirtan was interesting. I've been to one before, so there were no surprises. Sometimes, it gets a little too hippy-feeling for me, but I chalk that up to my own anal retentiveness when it comes to being emotionally expressive in front of large groups of strangers.

And to top off a day of bizarre-ity, I ran into my high school principal in the parking lot of the bar across the street from the Yoga place after Kirtan. His wife seemed weirded out by me, but he did know who I was. I was one of the last years he was there as principal, and he liked me and my sister. I was a first-generation sub-culture, artsy-fartsy punk in a tiny school of good ol' boys; I would hope I would have some place in his mind.

I remember he took a group of us to a lecture series at Memorial Hall our senior year. The speaker was Robert Ressler, and the topic was serial-killer profiling. I think he was afraid me and the rest of Greenwich Village were going to start rioting at the theater, but he must have been sorely disappointed when it didn't happen.


November 9, 2005

Mid-Ohio Clam


My b-i-l helped me get those music links working. They're down below and on the sidebar to the right under Music by Keith May.

Mid-Ohio Con is coming up, and I think this will be yet another year I skip it. I really have no desire to meet Margot Kidder or the guy that played "Dave McFly" in Back to the Future. There are no comic artists I'm particularly interested in meeting, either. Most of the guys I like don't come here often, at least not anymore. Stan Sakai, Brian Michael Bendis, Evan Dorkin, Jhonen Vasquez, David Lapham...I'd like to see more of them.

The first Mid-Ohio Con I went to was in 1998, I think. I met Brian Michael Bendis (pre-Powers), and Kev and I talked to him for about 45 minutes with no interruption. He was in a hallway off to the side, and no one really knew who he was. Flash forward two years, and his table was swamped with adoring fans. Flash forward five years, and he's too big to do Mid-Ohio Con. Bendis is an amazingly talented writer. Check out Jinx, AKA Goldfish, the Powers series, Torso, and Fire. That same year, we talked to Paul Jenkins (a man who has broken almost every bone in his body at one time or another playing sports) for almost an hour, again with no interruption. Both were very cool, laid back guys. It was one of the first and best experiences I had at a con.

And the next time you use Lysol, think about this.


November 8, 2005

D&D2: Electric Boogaloo > Catwoman

We watched Dungeons & Dragons 2 tonight. it was far more entertaining, and even better put together, than Catwoman. When Sci-Fi can put out a better movie than you, a multi-million $$ studio, kill yourselves.

Thanks Spam.

While I'm technically the 2nd born of both my parents, I'm the third child collectively. Figure that riddle out. And the ideal jobs are about as far off as they could possibly be. Despite my punk days, I wanted to be a police officer early in college and considered applying to the academy. But HE-WHO-CANNOT-BE-NAMED shit on all of that, and I ended up with an A.S. in Business (almost another A.S. in Visual Arts) and a B.A in English, making a living in Marketing. Figure that one out, too, while you're at it.

I watched a special on river otters tonight. While they are the most adorable looking creatures ever, my experiences volunteering at the Cincy Zoo have taught me better. Otters are some of the nastiest, most vicious creatures on this earth. I would watch them wait outside the gate of their enclosure, trying to ambush and attack their keeper at feeding time. Once those sweet little jaws lock on, you're probably going to lose a good half-pound of flesh. But I'll admit they still make me squeal with glee, just like baby duckies.


November 7, 2005

Oh the humanity...

Kev and I watched Catwoman tonight. It was almost as bad as Mission to Mars. Almost. I don't know that anything could ever top that legendary sucking chest wound of a movie, but Catwoman has come the closest so far. I was in physical pain about halfway through it. It became a contest of wills. Kev would hide in the bathroom to try to run down the clock, and I would pause it. If I'm going to suffer through it, we're both going to suffer through it.

As Brian wisely said during a paused moment, "If you can make it through Catwoman, the two of you can make it through anything." I'm beginning to think that's true. I mean, I knew this movie was going to be bad. But it surpassed my expectations a thousand-fold in badness. I just couldn't believe how awful it really was. My eyes are still bleeding.

Things I learned from Catwoman:

1) Never, ever let Halle Berry help design costumes. I could have dealt with the costume if it weren't for the f-ing pants. They were so unbelievably stupid, I actually felt angry.

2) Cats are slutty, bitchy, can walk upside down on walls, are tae kwon do masters, expert thieves, and like to dispense justice. At least, those are the super powers passed on to Halle through some cat breath. Slutty bitches, activate!

3) 30,000 fast cuts in a movie can induce epileptic seizures in people who don't have epilepsy. Or maybe I just fell asleep.

4) Fast cuts hide the fact that no one, including the actors, really knows what's going on. Got some leftover footage on the editing floor? Slap it together with some neon strobe lights, shaky-cam work, and some glue. Voila! Instant fight scene.

My mind is already settling a light haze over the traumatic experience, and this amazingly forgettable film is being erased from my memory as I type this. Tomorrow, it will all be a bad, bad dream.

I saw Jarhead last night, also. It was okay. I was excited to see Sam Mendes do another film, but it didn't live up to my expectations. Rent it.

And yes, I know my music links in the last post aren't working. I'm trying to get that fixed this week.


November 6, 2005

Repression, sleep, and dignity

I'm totally wiped out. I got up at o-dark-thirty yesterday morning, to go to Gap Outlet in Kentucky with Amanda. This isn't your run-of-the-mill outlet where prices are slightly discounted. This is a salvage outlet that carries Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy. Sure you might have to sew a couple of seams, replace some buttons, or carefully try everything on to make sure it's not mis-sized. But it's sooo worth it. For about $100, I walked out with 5 pairs of men's pants, 1 pair of women's, and 7 tops. Some of it I'll dye or put funky patches on to cover holes, but that's the charm of customizing your clothes. I love a bargain.

I came home and crashed for an hour before getting ready to go to a wine tasting at a Keith's. I've never sat down and tried a variety of red wines; I've always kind of felt they all tasted the same -- shitty. I decided this time I'd dive into them with an open mind. I was delightfully surprised. I actually found a couple of red wines that didn't make me want to lick the floor to rid my tongue of the taste.

Keith ended the evening with a little music. If you ever have the chance to see him live, do it. You won't be disappointed. He'll be playing at Therapy Cafe on November 19, which I will unfortunately have to miss, as I will be on a three-day yoga retreat. But he has a tentative date at Leaf and Vine in December. Some of my favorites are... (might require the free Real Player)...

Last Supper (Live)

Fallen Waltz


If you like what you hear, you can buy his CDs here. As a graduation gift last year, he gave me a CD that contained covers of The Pixies - Wave of Mutilation and PJ Harvey - Down by the River, two of my all-time favorite bands. It was a very personal and amazing gift. Thanks man.

I'm pretty eclectic in my musical tastes. Right now, I have in my car NIN, Nawang Khechog, Madonna (The Immaculate Collection), 10,000 Maniacs Unplugged, Modest Mouse, Gwar, and Ibrahim Ferrer. I never know what kind of mood is going to hit me while driving, so I try to cover all my bases.

After getting extremely buzzed and giggly on wine, I sobered up to go out dancing with Amanda. We hit Fusion on the newly re-created industrial night on Saturdays. And Fusion has changed its name back to The Asylum. It came in as The Asylum, and it'll go out as The Asylum. They did get their liquor license extended, which is good to hear, so it may not close as soon as they had anticipated.

They moved the hip-hop crowd downstairs because it's been thinning out lately. About 30 seconds after I had exited the dance floor during one of Mike's sets, I see some guy bolting across it only to be engulfed by about 20 security guards. These guys came out of no where. They may as well have rappelled from the ceiling and jumped out of trash cans for all I could tell. I didn't even know that place HAD that many security guards. And right behind the security guards were about 20 pissed off guys coming after the runner.

For the first time ever at a club, I was a little freaked out. I've seen plenty of fights, vomiting, and domestic drama, but this was the first encounter I've had like that. I wouldn't have been surprised if shots had been fired; thank god Saturdays require pat downs by security on entry. But the music was great, as Mike (aka Hostile 17) is spinning upstairs on Saturdays, so I'll probably continue to go that night for the foreseeable future.

And now, I'm going to go take my second nap of the day before I hit the keyboard face first.


November 3, 2005

Have no, thank, blow the skin

Star Wars Ep 3 in Chinese and back again (A Chuck-o-vision discovery)

There are too many movies coming out! I'm never going to get to see them all on the big screen, either. /grumble My TIVO is being overrun with things I need to watch, but somehow, the World Poker Tour seems to dominate the TV every night.

Yoga definitely hit the spot tonight. I skipped last week, and I really shouldn't have. Every time skip a week, I'm reminded why I shouldn't at the next one. There's a workshop I was going to go to, but I didn't realize Joe's wedding was in the afternoon. So I guess the weekend retreat will have to suffice till mid-winter.

We're testing out two new printer/copiers at work. The Canon 3220 is just as reliable as I knew it'd be. The Xerox DocuColor 250 has been nothing but trouble. I tried to run two jobs on it today. The first job ended in a paper jam that required a technician to come out. The second job ended in the damn thing refusing to let me refill the bypass tray. Even after I cancelled the job and re-sent it, it still refused to let me re-fill the tray. Screw it, I'll use the Canon.

So far, I'm thoroughly unimpressed with the unreliability and un-intuitiveness of the Xerox. It puts out a pretty page at a swift pace, but the hassle isn't worth it. When I have 350 prints to get to the printer to be cut before 5pm, and I have a machine down for 3 hours in the morning because of a paper jam (something that shouldn't require a service call to fix) and then stalled because it refuses to me finish my job, I'm not a happy person.

It also didn't help that when I called Xerox for help, I heard the phrase, "I don't know why it's doing that" at least 4 times before she realized that answer wasn't going to cut it. I didn't even call her back after talking to her the 2nd time after it just refused to let me finish my print job. I didn't have time to piss around with it anymore.

I think I'm going to go try to squeeze in one of my TIVO programs before crawling into bed.