Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some people play fantasy football with fantasy drafting…

Geeks pick perfect actors for fantasy casting in fantasy movies. Just had a discussion with Et_Tu_Babe about casting choices for the Song of Ice & Fire HBO pilot. My choice for Catelyn Stark: Joan Allen circa 1994. Peter Dinklage as Tyrion was just a given. He's an amazing actor, but he's the ONLY amazing actor who fits the bill. Not a lot of competition there.

Some of my other choices:
Jamie - Simon Baker
Tywin - Charles Dance
Cersei - Polly Walker or Melinda Clark, not sure how she'd look as a blonde though
The Hound - Ray Stevenson (or he could play The Mountain, but I'd rather he have a bigger role.)
The Mountain - Marek Vasut
Petyr - Eddie Marsan

Ned - Kevin McKidd, though you'd have to darken him up a bit
Sansa - Claire Foy (or she could play Margaery easily)
Oberyn Martell - James Purefoy

You'll have to IMDB some of my choices, unless you watch a lot of British films/TV. The younger roles can be played by nobodies with ease.

And to the guy who suggested Corbin Bernsen as Tywin, are you smoking crack? And Tricia Helfer as Cersei? PUH-LEEEEZ. She doesn't have the acting chops for it. She would ruin it with her huffy, pensive acting.

Who are YOUR choices?


Unknown said...

Jeor Mormont (The Old Bear) - Brian Blessed

Tywin Lannister - Alan Dale