Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Truly hands-free telephone...

As of today, we no longer have a landline. We got cable internet installed yesterday because our DSL was on the fritz for two whole days, and I'd finally had enough.

From now on, you can reach Kev and I on our cell phones. If you need that number, email my amazon284(at)yahoo(dot)com address and ask for it.

We figure if we don't like it, we can always get Vonage or something like that. I'll be working hard to develop a habit of carrying my phone everywhere, so you can get a hold of me reliably.

We figure we'll be saving about $50 a month on something we rarely even use.


Angel said...

Our home telephone is actually a VOIP line through a Canadian cable provider. It costs us 25 bucks a month, we get exceptional customer service (if something happens, we see a tech the same day) and we haven't looked back. We *were* paying almost 100 a month for essentially the same package through the phone company.

If we add ten bucks a month, we get free international calling anywhere in the world, but we find that just paying the 4-10 cents a minute rates are cheaper in the long run since we don't do a heck of a lot of calling that frequently.

Best. Thing. Ever. BEST THING.

karabou said...

We were paying $50/month for a phone we hardly use and that's so full of static we can't hear anything, and $30/month for DSL that was totally unreliable. What's the point?