Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloweeny...for sure.

Went out for Halloween last night, and damn, was it disappointing. It was great to see Amy, Leah, and Mike, but the rest of it was the pits. The Monster Hop hadn't even had the first band play at 11:15, and hardly anyone was in costume. I ducked out around that time and went to the next party.

Therapy Café wasn't any better. Mike had warned me it was a lousy venue for dancing, but I was fine with just hanging out and listening to some great music from DJ Kris and catching up with the crowd since the Foundry closed. But only a handful of people from that scene showed up, and again, hardly anyone was in costume.

The sound was terrible, but it was the acoustics of the place that sucked and not DJ Kris. On the upside, you could have a conversation without having to shout. By the time they held the costume contest at 1am, there were about 10 people left in the audience. And when you have a contest based on audience applause, the same 10 people whoop for everyone, making it indiscernible as to who actually "won." I didn't bother entering. I didn't see the point.**

And it was so dark in the club, you couldn't even see what anyone else was wearing. Kind of lame for a costume party, no? I managed to dump 1.5 martinis all over Leah's ass and legs. Good times.

I decided to go into work for a few hours today to make up for taking off yesterday. I was so tired and had so much work left to do on my costume that I decided to take off. It's ridiculous I didn't get the day off anyway. But that's another blog...

**Audience-based judging is nothing more than a popularity contest and completely worthless as a judging technique for costumes. I don't waste my time.